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As a licensed Esthetician beautification, preservation & the overall well - being of skin at any age is priority.  Di Vini Essence is botanical based. To explain, different plant ingredients are extracted from the whole plant and the cells extracted from the plant stems.  Formulating result driven products combining pure botanicals, stem cells, 2nd generation vitamins and innovative peptides I can help you achieve optimal skin health and beauty defending skin from environmental damage during the day and stimulating internal repair mechanisms while you sleep.


Staying up to date with scientific advancements & cutting edge ingredient technologies allow me to provide comprehensive treatments to your aging skin, pigmentation disorders, acne and rosacea achieving quality results. Having a thorough education in skin Anatomy, Physiology & Histology of the skin I'm able to give my clients real results.

Offering a variety of esthetic facial & body skincare treatments. "BY APPT ONLY."


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 Di Vini Essence Skincare

Salts Massage

Skin aging is a complex biological process influenced by intrinsic & extrinsic factors. This leads to cumulative structural, physiological alterations & progressive changes in each skin layer.  I can improve the look, feel & overall "condition" of your skin & slow down the aging process with a variety of esthetic treatments and utilizing clean and innovative products.


The skin’s cyclical changes a new science called Chronobiology.
It studies the effects of time on the body’s skin!  With advanced cutting-edge technology, top of the line ingredients & specializing treatments we can slow aging skin & correct pigmentation disorders, acne and rosacea. 

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