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By Holly
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 Di Vini  Essence  Skincare &  SPA

As an Esthetician the overall well - being of skin at any age is vital. I genuinely care about my client's skin health and goals. Using scientifically result driven products combining Judean Desert Herbs, pure botanicals, innovative peptides, plant stem cells & 2nd generation vitamins achieving optimal skin health by defending skin from environmental damage during the day and stimulating internal repair mechanisms while you sleep.



  Deep Beauty Body Treatments


Using the latest scientific advancements & cutting-edge technologies backed by prestigious universities, hospitals and research centers DeepBa Beauty show numerous proven clinical evidence in the prevention & reversal of aging skin, melts subcutaneous and visceral fat, contours the body, tightens & lifts the skin, heals sports injuries, boosts immune system, stimulates tissue repair, accelerates recovery from surgery, burns, scars, reduces pain & inflammation. Improves tissue regeneration, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis. Increasing microcirculation thereby repairing the reticular layer of the skin. 

Di Vini Essence uses advanced technology monopolar radiofrequency at a specific speed achieving three different treatment effects. Using a capacitive and resistive electric transfer Deep Beauty works at a specificfrequency of 448 kHz + 20Khz, which causes hyperthermal, thermal and sub-thermal effects,

achieving results. 



Combined with thorough knowledge in skin Anatomy, Physiology & Histology; I'm able to give my clients real results.


Specializing in Anti-Aging Techniques, Corrective Skincare & Body Sculpting Treatments


Come see why those travel up to 4 hrs away to see me




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                    Licensed Esthetician

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7 miles East from I-75
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