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Me, Holly your licensed Esthetican, exclusively in Parrish FL


As an Esthetician the overall well - being of skin at any age is vital. I genuinely care about my client's skin health and goals. I take my time and give you more than an hour of pampering, unlike med spa's rushing you in and out. I listen to your needs and give you sound advice on what you need, which sometimes is not what you want. Having thorough knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology & Histology of the skin and knowledge of the cellular level within our body I am able to give my clients real results. Specializing in Anti-Aging Techniques, Corrective Skincare &  Body Sculpting Treatments. Come see why those travel up to 4 hrs away to see me. 

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My Story

retired from the Us army It was hard to feel like a woman in the uniform. i would not change it for the world but had to find ways to still feel like i was me, separate from being a mom and soldier. i did not want to lose my individuality. one way was for me to pamper myself with pedicures, manicures & massages. After I got out of the army i furthered that interest in wanting to age gracefully and help my daughter and other women do the same.


Having a BA in criminal justice a minor in psychology. I also, specialized with the criminal investigative division (CID) in the army. I worked in Criminal Law Division and Trial defense in JAG. After retiring out i obtained a license as an esthetician. Building on my esthetic license I studied and gained knowledge in understanding anatomy, physiology and histology of the skin & Educated in Product ingredients. This is separate from esthetic school and so many estheticians never learn it but it is vital to being a well rounded and knowledgeable esthetician in understaning the skin so you can help others achieve overall skin health. I went further to learn about nutrition and the body on a "cellular level" to be able to give my clients an advantage over others. growing old gracefully does not start with pamering the outside. it starts in your "mitochondria" and other cellular Levels.  

What can i do for you? tell you the truth, keep it real and not follow all the marketing lies that are told to us through consumer goods and ads. Using modalities that actually work and not lie to you about what they do not do, charging you more.  I continue my certifications and learn as modialities change and science changes keeping you informed. estheticians are even fooled by esthetic modalities being sold to them (that are not able to do what they claim) due to "their lack of knowledge" in these areas. come see why people travel up to 4hrs away to see me. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Lets network together and build each other up.


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