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Lift Me Already!

Facial, Micro-needling & Microcurrent

  • 2 hours
  • 300 US dollars
  • 2716 130th Avenue East

Service Description

Service consists of a facial skincare treatment, a micro needling (face, neck & décolletage) and a microcurrent face and neck lift. Clients love this trio package. The Purpose of (micro-needling) Collagen Induction Therapy, (CIT) is to correct DNA cell damage. Micro needling initiates cell turnover, stimulated the fibroblasts cells, thereby regenerating new collagen & elastin and corrects hyperpigmentation / melasma, sunspots, scarring, reduce pore size, photo damaged skin. A daily dietary food intake of Vit C is a vital plus with micro needling. Micro needling corrects scars by stimulating skin fibers to grow back together minimizing scarring, correcting cell damage to repair skin, as well as firm & tighten the skin through collagen and elastin production. also helps to penetrate topical serums & antioxidants into the skin. A minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure where small needles create a "controlled injury at a specific depth" to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing repair mechanism process, while minimizing cellular damage. IMPORTANT: CLIENT NEEDS TO BE WELL HYDRATED AND A REGULAR DAILY INTAKE OF VITAMIN C (B4 MICRONEEDLING) Results can be seen after one treatment & within 28-40 day cell turnover cycle. For optimal results & lasting effects treatments every 4-8 weeks are needed to keep those fibroblasts cells firing for collagen and elastin production and for consistent cell turnover and for deep growth within the dermal layer to slow aging process down and correct issues listed above. This is a great anti-aging preventative treatment to start around 30 and to even reverse, to a point, mature aging damaged skin. MICRO- CURRENT: Low levels of safe electrical impulses to the face and neck muscles. The overly tightened muscles (deep wrinkles) relax and the under worked (short) muscles regain their strength (lifts). This lifts, tones, re-educates & almost restores them back to their original shape. Microcurrent stimulates production of collagen, improves tone and texture, improves or eliminates fine lines. Results can be seen after 1 treatment (Every client result is different based on skin health & damage. For best results, a series initially is best, then maintenance every 4-8 weeks.) CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Electrical Implant Devices (pacemakers), Metal implants, epilepsy, seizures, active cancer, pregnancy, heart conditions, diabetes, recent surgery, open sores such as acne, thrombosis, Botox or fillers, bridgework, braces.

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel 24 hrs in advance as to allow other clients a spot. If you need an appt before or after hours please call/ text me. No call, No shows. Next booked service is due in full at time of booking and is non- refundable. If cancelled after 24 hr requirement has passed there is a $25 fee "prior to" next service appt but is applied toward kept service.

Contact Details

  • Di Vini Essence Skincare & Spa, 2716 130th Avenue East, Parrish, FL, USA


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